There is a really lot of great things to do around our area. Below is a list based on personal experience and our guest responses.  They are not listed in order.

You can book this stuff through many of the tour agency’s like Boquete Outdoor Adventure. They are a good agency, but many of the activities they offer can be done on your own and always for less money - considerably less.  You miss the huge groups, other times they are a good deal because they provide transportation if you need it. For example, the tour to the water falls on our web site costs $35 per person.You can walk to it from our house. For the tour to the hidden water falls, they charge $65 per person includes lunch. From our house it is a 20 min drive.  (google map location on our web site) It will cost $5 each  to walk the indians trail or  you can climb up the stream to the falls for free.

1.  Tree Trek an incredible zip line course through the trees of the jungle, spectacular views. If you can, book early morning as you will see the most birds. And in rainy season it will be the driest time of the day. Guest who zip line all over the world have said this is one of the best courses they have been on.  They have recently added a canopy walk, I have not been on it yet but looking forward to trying it.  Several guests have highly recommended it.  http://boquetetreetrek.com/

2.  Horse back riding in Caldera with Franklin or with Dititmo at the Caldera Hot Springs.  Both are close to us.  If you book this in Boquete you will go there only to have them bring you back here. You will get a shorter ride and pay more.  Franklin.  +507 6588-5054

3.  Boquete Loop Drive to the trail head of the Quetzal Trail to Cerro Punta, this is a very very pretty drive you will pass basalt rock formations, coffee farms, water falls, fields of vegetables.  You also can take side hikes to several water falls.  The Lost or Hidden water falls are good in the rain season 40 min up hill need to be in shape.  Fee of $5 per person just to walk up.  Another water fall trail is flat and fee is $3 I have not been there in dry season.  This is on our website http://blackrockbnb.com/activities/boquete-drive.html

4. Coffee tour, there are many coffee tours in the area, the best one we have found and also the most liked by guests and Trip advisor is Dos Jeffes.   This tour includes farm and roasting and tasting.  You get to roast your own coffee and take it home with you, you usually get a beer after roasting,  They will pick you up if you don't have a car. $30


5. Me Jardin Su Jardin - this is a famous Boquete garden with great animal statues, koi ponds, a great collection of local flowers and plants.  And of course views. Best of all it is free, but we ask that you support them by enjoying coffee or a drink in their restaurant.  Bathrooms are for customers only.  CURRENTLY ONLY ON WEEKENDS ://boquete.chiriqui.org/attractions/chiboque-mijardin.htm

6. Canyon in Gualaca - this is a very unusual geological site as well as a popular place to swim.  The canyon is narrow and water is deep, so you can jump off the side into the canyon then float down to an easy exit.  Then an easy walk back up and jump in again.  Some guests have gone and spent the whole afternoon there. You will find this on our web site with pictures. http://blackrockbnb.com/activities/canyon-in-gualaca.html

7. Climb Volcan Baru - Many guests come here with the idea to climb the volcano. they think it is like a national park in the USA or Europe.  IT IS NOT.  If you are an avid mountain climber in really good shape and all you like to do is climb mountains you will love this. If that does not describe you, then I would not try it.  To climb it safely and see both oceans you need to leave at midnight and climb all night until sunrise at 6ish.  In dry season you have a 90% chance of clear weather and thus can enjoy the views.  In wet season you have an 80% chance of being totally in the clouds.  This year the Volcano has been in clouds a lot.  Some people make the climb in 3 1/2 hours some take 8 hours many do not complete it.  

8. Hidden Water Fall near our house.  This is a very pretty spot and great place to swim in the dry season January to May.pictures are on our web site http://blackrockbnb.com/activities/water-fall.html

9. Caldera Hot Springs is just 3 km from the house natural springs with nearby river to cool off in.  The walk in October and November can be muddy, but also chance to see the blue morph butterfly.  Ditimo offers horseback riding.  You need to arrange in advance.   Maps are on our web site  http://blackrockbnb.com/activities/water-fall.html

10.  Dracula Orchids is in Cerro Punta which is a very very beautiful - 1 1/2 hour drive.  It is the 2nd largest orchid farm in the world and has incredible - better than fantastic - gardens around it.  The Las Quetzal Lodge is on the way and a great place to eat lunch at.   Dracula is currently closed for one year. Have heard it is supposed to reopen in Feb 2018. We hope!!

11. La Baraqueta Beach aka Las Olas beach.  The beach is a 1 1/2 hour drive from us.  It is a grey to black sand beach with great body boarding.  It does at some times have a strong rip current, so caution is needed.  The Kayak tour through the mangroves is arranged through the hotel Las Olas Resort.  Reserve in advance - $20 a person. http://lasolasresort.com/

12. Birding  - If you are a birder then this is paradise for you. One group of birders at our place were treated to a tropical screech owl landing in front of them on our deck. Many guests have delighted in going birding with a local guide.

13.  Volcan Baru National Park - People see this and think something like a park in Europe or USA.  Not so, there is one trail in the park that goes from Boquete to Cerro Punta.  Many guests hike part of the trail then come back.  The drive to the park is on our map Boquete Drive see above.   It is very very worth while to drive to the ranger station even if you are not going to hike because is extermely beautiful.


Last is Best, if you like to hike this is a very pretty hike.  Actually probably the best hike in the area.  Easy trail not to many vertical feet and incredible scenery.